Ava’s Grace Scholarships Foundation: The founder of Ava’s Grace Scholarship is Stephanie R., who lives in St Louis, Missouri. The scholarship foundation is named after her daughter. Our goal   is to raise funds for our children and young adults. When a student graduates from high school. he or she can apply for a scholarship to attend college.

Clothing and Shoe Drive: Our goal is to have clothing and shoe drives quarterly for COIP. Hopefully, W are hoping that we will receive donations of new clothes and shoes. It is important to look and feel good about yourself. When a child or youth is in need, we will be able to dress up their self-image by addressing their clothing needs.

PENPals Book Club for Children of Incarcerated Parents: The founder is Olivia Joy Stinson, who lives in North Carolina. PENPals stand for Peers Engaged and Networking. In the club, they read books, share videos, attend plays and other cultural events, and participate in sports events. Our       project will become a chapter in Kansas City, Missouri.




Volunteers: Tutors and Mentors are important in our children's lives. We are looking for tutors to help with reading, math, etc. Mentoring our children can be so rewarding for everyone. Each One, Teach One.

Sponsor: Sometimes, families cannot afford to take a child, teen, or young adult on activities. Maybe you can sponsor a child to go on a school field trip, help them with transportation to see their parent, or sponsor them with a scholarship.

Re-engage Incorporation: A mother can raise a son, but she cannot teach him how to be a man. Executive Director Mr. Rodney Knott's program is transforming males into men. Males 17 and older will be empowered and inspired to make a difference in their community. Our goal is to connect the males to Reengage.